First Weeks Fiji Side

Welcome to the neighborhood, Nasoso Nadi Fiji

We made it.

Our life in Fiji started with 14 days hotel quarantine, which, considering we have two young boys was actually quite bearable.

The hotel where we stayed was very comfortable (food was very average if it wasn't curry night!) but that warm Fijian hospitality was still evident even in the unusual circumstances.  So after 8 boxes of Legos, countless care packages of fresh fruits from Aunty Dawn, 2 not very enjoyable nose swabs, about 120 hours of screen time and only having to tie George up once or twice, we were free to move to our new rental home.

We have been very lucky to secure and amazing home with pool and large fenced compound for the boys to play, we know this is not the normal here so we are very grateful to call this place our home.

This week has been reconnecting with family, sorting bank accounts, sim cards, trying and failing to find a plug for the kitchen sink and unpacking and organizing our new home. (Has anyone seen the cord for Garys' beloved TV or the kids PLUNKET books...?) 

We also spent a lot of last week visiting schools for our boys to attend. We had been very keen to send them to a local school but on visiting found all the local schools in our area were full. With most schools having 45 plus children to one teacher in a class they were not taking new students. Instead, we have enrolled the boys in a small private school here in Nadi where we had a wonderful introduction by way of celebrating Holi with the school community.

Best news of the week : we have officially registered Island Style Peanut Butter (FIJI) as a business. We do need to have a business stamp made, even though you don't need one and it is not a requirement ... you still need one, so just best to have a business stamp made! 

Also in the pipeline is a potential production facility, importing of our very own peanut butter mill, jar filler and labeler.  As well as a possible partnership with the most  deliciously amazing local chocolate producers.

The last 27 days have gone in a flash (they seem to burn faster here) but we are making this most friendly, beautiful country, rich in life and colour our home. Loads more to come...


Have a special, blessed Easter with your loved ones.


The Peanut Butter Pickerings.









  • Vanessa Graham

    Thanks for the awesome update.. can’t wait for the next one

  • Mel

    What an amazing experience for your family! The memories you are making are never going to be forgotten and the boys are so lucky to have a pool in that hot humid weather. Can’t wait to read all the adventures to come.

  • Bruce RAYMOND and Mary Elizabeth Raymond

    We are so proud of you both. Looking forward to being able to purchase some Peanut butter.xx

  • Liz

    It is wonderful you are embracing adventure in this crazy beautiful world… may you add to joy and equality where you dwell 🧡🌺

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