The Next Step

Bula PNB lovers.


You maybe aware we are leaving our beloved Papamoa Beach in NZ to continue the dream of creating a truly 'Island Style' Peanut Butter in Fiji.

As our product grows and our business takes on a new direction, we are determined to continue to have (your favorite) peanut butter available for sale in New Zealand.

This means a change of direction for Island Style as our focus is now on wholesale. We are steadily increasing stockists and find feedback has been positive in response to the convenience of having Island Style PNB in local supermarkets. We continue to ask for suggestions of stores in which you would love to see our product sold.

To stream line business logistics while living remotely, our online store will focus on offering our three pack gift box only.  You will have the option of selecting your favorite choice of (3) flavors, because really there is no such thing as too many jars of peanut butter in your pantry!

Our Journey from Lions markets to supermarkets has been MANY feels.  We are incredibly blessed to have so many amazing people to support, and opportunities to create Island Style Peanut Butter. 

Looking forward to the next step...


Gary and Heather



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